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U.S. Wind Engine & Pump Co.

Beautiful color sales catalog describing the Halladay mill and other items from the late 1800's. Circa 1879.

Many pages describing the Halladay sectional wheel mill with over lots of informative line drawings. With a description of the improved halladay Standard wind mill.

Some page captions: Testimonials, wind mills for dairy and stock farms, wind power and how it may be utilized, 13 reasons why the Halladay is the best windmill, wind mills for domestic and ornamental uses, wind mills for irrigation and drainage, wind mills as used for water supply and fire protection, list of railroads using our water supply material, small geared windmills, tables showing capacities of the Halladay Standard, IXL iron feed grinder, IXL hand and power corn sheller, wood saws, IXL hay or feed cutter, hand pumps, pump standards, hay tools, Noyes' hay carrier, Noyes' grapple hay forks, Noyes field pitching apparatus, and more. Printed by Cameron, Amber & Co. Print, Chicago. 96 pages.