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All of these files have either been donated by the actual windmill company, Bill Cherry of VintageWindmills .com, or an individual. If you have any information that you would like to share; please contact me.

For faster downloading these files are low resolution. If you would like higher resolution files please go to the Quality Reprints page.


Baker Mfg. Co.


Dempster Mfg. Co. Des Moines, Iowa




Flint and Walling

Heller-Aller Co.

Stover Mfg. Co.



General Stuff to Help

Please help yourself and tell your wind mill friends about these free files. If you have any problems downloading, viewing or printing these files please let me know and I'll help you.

Update 12/17/08 I've added some F & W Star 37 Zephyr info.

Update 5/02/07 I've added some Dempster Boss information donated by Jud Herrig.

Update 4/16/07 I've added some Aermotor information.