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Aermotor 1905 Sales Catalog
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Lots of 1905 Aermotor information on this one. Information includes:

  • a general History of windmills
  • many pages devoted to the design of the Aeromotor windmill and why it is the best windmill
  • selection of tower
  • wind exposure
  • proper loading
  • installatino and care of an Aermotor
  • many detailed images showing the pumping Aermotors
  • Power Aermotors
  • 4 post towers
  • 3 Post towers
  • Aermotor Trussed Tripod tower
  • Suburban Outfits (water tank built into tower)
  • Suggestions about selecting and installing pumps for windmill use
  • Aermotor grinders
  • Use of Wood Towers
  • Automatic Regulators
  • Frost Boxes
  • Erecting an Aermotor Outfit
  • size of Aermotor and size of pump cylinder for given depth of well
  • pipe information
  • pump troubles
  • World's Fair Exhibit
  • And more. 

75 pages.